๐Ÿ”งProduct development

Oracles are an integral part of the Web3 infrastructure. Thus, DIA founders early on believed that such products should be managed and governed by the community and end-users. To accomplish this, DIA was set up as a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation - DAO in its inception in 2018, with the aim to eventually be fully governed by a distributed group of contributors and stakeholders.

Following this ethos, the DIA open-source oracle and data platform was built with the mission to become the Web3 Wikipedia for financial information. This open-source approach was designed to enable the crowd to source and validate data, as well as to govern over product features.

By completing bounties, decentralised contributors across the globe have been and are continuously building new data scrapers to add new sources, new data types, data categories and many more. These bounties are publicly available on DIAโ€™s Gitcoin Page for anybody to contribute and validate.

Explore the latest DIA Gitcoin tickets below:

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