NFT Data Collection

NFT Trading Data

DIA collects live trading data on the blockchain for all NFT transactions happening on the integrated blockchains. Therefore, data is sourced directly from the origin and allows to have the precise market data.

NFT Pricing Methodologies

DIA has these methodologies for NFT assets pricing:
  • Floor price - lowest sale price recorded on the blockchain during the determined time window
  • Moving average of floor price - returns moving average of the collection floor price for selected moving average period based on specified floor window
For moving average floor price calculation DIA applies interquartile range outlier detection filter which allows to determine more realistic market prices. Find out more about IR filter methodology:
  • Max weekly drawdown - maximal weekly drawdown in the last 90 days in percent. In simpler terms it looks for the largest weekly negative price movement during the last 90 days.
DIA can apply custom filters for specific pricing strategies. Find out available filters in the following page:
Also, custom pricing strategies are available on request basis.

NFT Marketplaces

All NFT trading data is sourced by directly listening the blockchain transactions happening on respective chain. We have integrated the following NFT marketplaces into our data streams:
Data Retrieval
Retrieval Period
1 min.
1 min.
20 sec.

NFT data points

Data Type
API Documentation
Update Period
Floor Price
The lowest sale price of an asset during the selected floor window
​NFT Data API​
1 min.
You can see all available NFT API endpoints in the following page:
If you didn't find the desired data/source, you can request for custom integration: