Write your own Crypto Farming scraper

Getting Started

To add a Farming Scraper you should retrieve all data necessary to fill the following struct

type FarmingPool struct {
Rate float64
Balance float64
ProtocolName string
BlockNumber int64
PoolID string
TimeStamp time.Time
OutputAsset []string
InputAsset []string

which can be found in pkg/model/farmingpools.go. The scraper should be implemented as a NewYourSourceScraper in internal/pkg/farming-pool-scraper/poolscraper.go in line 30ff.

The new scraper should call a mainLoop in a go routine, scraping new data continuously. If the smart contract allows for, please use events in order to update pool data.

For illustration please have a look at the already existing farming scrapers in internal/pkg/farming-pool-scraper.