Discord NFT Sales Tracker (Beta)

DIA community has developed a free to use NFT sales tracking tool for Discord driven communities. It's capable delivering sales notifications according to pre-determined parameters, such as price threshold, collection address and else.


Here are the main use-cases of the DIA Discord bot:
Get floor price, volume and last trades for NFT Collections
Live tracking of NFT Collection sales
Live tracking of large NFT sales

Get Started

To begin with install a Discord bot to your server with the following link:
After installing you can run the following commands:
Floor price - refers to the lowest sale price during the last 24h.
threshold, channel, blockchain
Set up a bot which will notify about all NFT sales above the predetermined threshold.
Returns NFT floor price for the predetermined collection on the /set_up_info_bot
Returns all availabled commands with descriptions
Returns last 10 trades for the NFT collection predetermined on the /set_up_info_bot
contract_address channel blockchain
Set-up a bot which will feed all sales from any NFT collection to a selected channel
collection_address channel blockchain
Allows to set-up a bot for any channel in the server that returns volume, floor_price and last_trades information with single command for a predetermined NFT collection
Stops all bots on the selected channel or entire server
Returns all bots that are set-up on the server
Returns 24h volume for the predetermined NFT collection on the /set_up_info_bot
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