Data offering preview

The table below gives an overview of the different asset types DIA supports for the creation of price feeds and other types of data feeds:

Supported asset types

Feed type
Available assets
Delivery methods
Tokens price feeds
  • CEXes
  • DEXes
  • Bridges
3.000+ coins price data from 80+ unique sources
NFT floor price feeds
  • Blockchain transaction data from NFT marketplaces smart contracts
18.000+ collections that traded at least once on any integrated marketplace
Random Number Generation
  • Drand distributed beacon
2.880 updates/day
  • Oracle feed
Fair-value price feeds of LSDs
  • Liquid Staking Procols
5+ feeds
  • Rest API
  • Oracle feed
Traditional finance feeds
  • ECB foreign exchange data
  • Yahoo Finance
30+ traditional currencies exchange rate data
Flexible by design: DIA's modular architecture enables the quick integration of new data sources and blockchain networks, making it capable of delivering new long-tail data feeds in new ecosystems in short timeframes.

DIA Data Library

Users can visit the DIA App to get an overview of the assets that DIA currently supports.
Please note: The feeds displayed in the App come with standardized configuration settings and are primarily intended for informational purposes.
To request production-ready, custom API feeds or oracles for your dApp, begin the request process here.
Visit the DIA App at the link below: