Data delivery methods

The price feed is created and published via an API endpoint, utilising the previously selected data sources and computational methodologies. This feed can be accessed off-chain using either RestAPI or DIA GraphQL, which allows for greater adaptability and direct modification of feed attributes.
For on-chain use cases, the same data feed is pushed on-chain wrapped in oracle smart contracts. Oracles can be deployed in any of the following 35+ blockchain networks:
Both off-chain and on-chain delivery methods can be configured with custom update triggers, enhancing the feed's usability and reliability across a broad spectrum of applications.

Update triggers

Update triggers are the rules that dictate how oracles refresh to mirror the most recent value of the data feed. These triggers are adaptable and can be tailored to optimally cater to particular scenarios, such as the price feeds of assets with low liquidity.
Each oracle can be customised to push data feed updates live based on the following parameters:
Updates are triggered via a dedicated smart contract or call.
API call
Updates are triggered in predefined time intervals (seconds, minutes or hours)
15 minutes
Updates are triggered by a deviation from the last reported value.
5% deviation
Combinantion of above
The oracle will update whenever any of the two conditions is met.
5% deviation + 24h time