LUKSO Price Oracles

The DIA oracle on LUKSO is free of use. dApps built on LUKSO can leverage the oracle to access up-to-date asset price information. Learn how to access DIA oracles on LUKSO.

Introduction to DIA

DIA is a cross-chain oracle provider that aggregates market data from a wide range of sources, including CEXs and DEXs. Its first-party data sourcing is thorough, enabling unparalleled transparency and customizability for resilient price feeds for 20,000+ assets. Its versatile data processing and delivery ensures adaptability and reliability for any decentralized application.

Usage of DIA Oracles on LUKSO


The DIA oracle on LUKSO is free of use. dApps built on LUKSO can leverage the oracle to access up-to-date asset price information. This oracle is designed for production environments and comes with a predefined list of feeds and settings.

The main oracle contract is deployed at the following address 0x245ad685F4D89D30fD1a14682C030c6128d08d17.

If dApps require a custom oracle with different assets and configurations, please contact DIA on Telegram.

How to Access DIA Oracles

Developers can access specific asset prices via dedicated smart contract adapters listed in the next section. Each adapter contract provides price data by calling functions without additional parameters.

For example, to retrieve the latest BTC/USD price, you can call:

  1. latestAnswer - provides the latest available price data for BTC/USD with 8 decimals accuracy

  2. latestRoundData - provides the latest available price data for BTC/USD (8 decimals) with the Unix timestamp (UTC timezone) of the last update

More info on the Asset Specific Value Calling Convention.

Included Price Feeds

Below is the list of included price feeds. Use the corresponding adapter address to query the latest price information.

Price feedAdapter addressData sources



















Learn more about DIAโ€™s data sourcing and data computation architecture.

Oracle Configuration Settings

Methodology: VWAPIR

The final price point for each asset is calculated by computing the assets' trade information across multiple DEXs and CEXs. This is done using a Volume Weighted Average Price with Interquartile Range (VWAPIR) methodology.

Update frequency: 0.5% deviation + 24-hour heartbeat

Each asset is updated every two minutes, if the new price deviates from the old one by more than 0.5%. Additionally, a heartbeat of 24 hours is applied, which means that each price is updated at least once per day even if it moves by less than 0.5%.

Oracle Support

For developer assistance, connect with the DIA team directly on Discord or Telegram.

Developers seeking other oracles with tailored price feeds and configurations can initiate the request by contacting the DIA BD Team via Telegram.

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