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Discord NFT Sales Tracker (Beta)

DIA community has developed a free-to-use NFT sales tracking tool for Discord-driven communities. It's capable of delivering sales notifications according to pre-determined parameters, such as price threshold, collection address and else.


Here are the main use cases of the DIA Discord bot:
Get floor price, volume and last trades for NFT Collections
Live tracking of NFT Collection sales
Live tracking of large NFT sales

Track NFT collections

With the DIA NFT bot you can retrieve the following NFT collections information:
  1. 1.
    Floor price (Note that floor price is calculated by taking the lowest sale price during the last 24h)
  2. 2.
    24h Volume
  3. 3.
    Last 10 trades
  4. 4.
    Live sales happening on the blockchain
To get these stats, install the bot and run /set_up_info_bot or /sales commands for the set-up

Track NFT sales from all collections

At the same time, you can use the DIA NFT bot for tracking all live sales happening on the blockchain above a pre-determined value threshold. For example, you can set up a channel to receive notifications for all sales happening for >25 ETH. To set up this bot run /all_sales command.

Get Started

Navigate to the next page to view a comprehensive tutorial on the bot's implementation:
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