Pricing methodologies

Outlier detection

DIA offers outlier detection and cleansing methodology for NFT floor price determination. For this, we use Interquartile Range Filter.

The Interquartile Range filter in DIA examines all trades in a trades block (e.g. Daily NFT floor price for 30 days window) and sorts them by their recorded price.

After that, this range of prices is divided into four price blocks, the Quartiles. The boundaries of the full price range also determine the boundaries of the first and the last quartile.

To clear out outliers, any trades falling into the first or the last quartile are filtered out and subsequently, only trades falling into the "middle" quartiles are returned to the caller.

NFT Pricing Methodologies

DIA has these methodologies for NFT assets pricing:

Filter NameCommunity Approval

Approval Outstanding

Approval Outstanding

Approval Outstanding

DIA can apply custom filters for specific pricing strategies.

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