MAFP: Moving Average Floor Price

Returns moving average of the collection floor price for selected moving average period based on specified floor window

This methodology returns the moving average of a collection’s floor price. In order to best adjust to a specific use case, multiple metrics such as the length of the average, or the size of the floor window, are customizable parameters.

How it works

The methodology separates all trading activity into determined floor windows, applies outlier cleansing and calculates the average price.

For example if by default the Moving Average of Floor Price takes 24h floor window with a lookback period of 30 days, which means that:

  1. All NFT collection sales that occured during the last 30 days are separated into 24h buckets (30 buckets).

  2. Floor price is determined for each of the bucket.

  3. Outlier cleansing is applied for extreme values (you can find out more about outlier identification methodology below)

  4. Average price of the remaining values is calculated as a result

The IR outlier detection filter constitutes a basic mechanism for filtering malicious behaviour such as wash trading. Learn all the details in the link below:

pageIR: Interquartile Range Filter

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