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DIA Oracle Builder (beta)

Discover the DIA Oracle Builder, a revolutionary tool for developers to seamlessly define, deploy, and manage blockchain price oracles. Dive into its features and benefits.


Seamlessly define, deploy, and manage price oracles tailored to your specific needs. With the ability to deploy oracles in under 3 minutes, the DIA Oracle Builder transforms the way you integrate price data into your decentralized applications.
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Key Features at a Glance

  • Instant Autonomous Deployment: Automates oracle setup for immediate deployment, eliminating the need for manual setup from the DIA team.
  • Customizability: Allows users to select desired price feeds, data sources, set update triggers, and configure other oracle-specific settings.
  • Management dashboard: User-friendly interface that displays oracle status, update times, gas levels, and more.
  • Monitoring service (soon): Provides a custom Telegram bot to receive critical information on the status of your oracles directly to your device.
  • Extensive, transparent library: Enables access to DIA’s catalog of 2,500+ cryptocurrencies, sourced from multiple high-volume sources.

How It Works

The DIA Oracle Builder simplifies the oracle creation and management into two primary modes:
  • Deploy: In just four steps, define and deploy your custom oracle, selecting from a vast array of price feeds, choosing your preferred blockchain for deployment, setting an update mechanism, and creating your oracle smart contract.
  • Manage: Oversee your oracles with a comprehensive dashboard, providing insights from update times to gas levels. Execute actions like gas token top-ups or oracle edits with just a few clicks. Enhance your monitoring with Telegram notifications.