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DIA currently offers a set of price feeds for a selection of traditional financial assets, delivered via API endpoints.

Foreign Exchange Quotation Data from Yahoo Finance


Endpoint provides the latest available exchange rate for Fiat currencies.

Full list of available FX currencies can be found down below.

Note: quotes are refreshed every 30min period

Path Parameters




Fiat pair, e.g. EUR-USD; GBP-USD

    // Response
Available foreign currencies
  1. EUR-USD

  2. USD-JPY

  3. GBP-USD

  4. AUD-USD

  5. NZD-USD

  6. EUR-JPY

  7. GBP-JPY

  8. EUR-GBP

  9. EUR-CAD

  10. EUR-SEK

  11. EUR-CHF

  12. NGN-USD

  13. EUR-HUF

  14. USD-CNY

  15. USD-HKD

  16. USD-SGD

  17. USD-INR

  18. USD-MXN

  19. USD-PHP

  20. USD-IDR

  21. USD-THB

  22. USD-MYR

  23. USD-ZAR

  24. USD-RUB

To request custom data feeds, always refer to the following section:

pageRequest an oracle

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