Security Bounty Program

If you report security issues within our backend, smart contracts, and operations, we offer a security bounty program. To be eligible for a bounty, be sure to follow these requirements:

  1. Make sure you can describe the security issue you found in a concise and reproducible way.

  2. Contact us first. If you use or publish the vulnerability you will not be eligible for a bounty payout. Our contact address is [email protected].

  3. Give us time to assess and address the issue. Sometimes behaviour can be perceived as security issue.

We will grade severity of reported issues and use the CVSS scale as a guideline. The ultimate decision about the severity we consider to be achieved remains in our discretion.




100-250 USDC


500 USDC


750 USDC

Payouts will be conducted in an established ERC20 stablecoin like USDC. Please make sure to be able to receive ERC20 tokens.