Introduction to CDRs

DIA CDRs are designed to provide an open process for dApps to request custom data feeds while providing full public transparency on the specific implementation of the oracle, including sources, methodologies and other specifications.

What is a CDR?

CDRs (Custom Delivery Requests) are mechanisms for dApps to publicly request custom data feeds from DIA. CDRs allow any market actor to independently request any data feeds with fully customized specifications regarding sources and methodologies, as well as to update the delivery requests further down the line.
Additionally, the DIA CDRs enable dApps ingesting DIA data feeds to offer full transparency to their users on how the data they leverage to power the application is being built. All DIA CDRs will be processed and stored in the DIA DAO Forum and they will be free and open for anybody to access.

How to submit a CDR?

CDRs can be submitted in the DIA DAO Forum by opening a new topic under the CDRs category. When doing so, a template will load on-screen that users will need to fill in and submit. Here is an overview of what it entails:
CDR #001: Protocol Name, Product Type

dApp introduction

  • dApp name:
  • Website:
  • Data type: Price feed / Index / other
  • Use case: Lending and borrowing / Stablecoin / Gaming / other
  • Blockchain: Ethereum, Astar, Fantom, Polygon / ...


Browse all feeds on the DIA App


  • Price methodology: MA / MAIR / MEDIR / VWAP / VWAPIR / other
  • Update mechanism:
    • Deviation-based (specify, in %)
    • Time-based (specify, in seconds)
    • Other
  • Sources:

Delivery Information

  • Delivery method:
    • Off-chain, via signed API or GraphQL
    • On-chain, via Oracle (specify network)

Other relevant information

Any other data feed related parameters that are not listed above.
Find out step-by-step process in the following page: