Data source

To offer distributed and verifiable randomness on-chain, DIA leverages drandโ€™s distributed randomness beacon. The beacon is run by a group of independent actors called the League of Entropy.

The League of Entropy is a collaborative project to provide a verifiable, decentralized randomness beacon. A decentralized randomness beacon combines randomness from multiple independent high entropy sources to generate a truly unbiased random number for anyone that may need a public source of randomness.

Please visit the project site at for the most up-to-date information on current operations. To learn how the how distributed randomness beacon is built please visit this link.

On-chain publishing process

From random number generation to on-chain distribution, DIA xRandom operates as follows:

  1. Drand randomness generation: in every drand epoch (currently set at 30s for the existing LoE beacons, but planned to be decreased on future โ€œunchainedโ€ beacons) each of the nodes that form the drand network generates a partial signature, which it broadcasts to the rest of the nodes. Once any node has enough, i.e., a threshold number of signatures, it computes the new randomness beacon, which is the hash of the signature aggregate.

  2. Drand randomness propagation and consumption: the new beacon is propagated through the network to all other nodes. Any node can verify and accept or reject the hash of the signature (i.e., beacon) that it received. Any client or application can consume randomness out of band (i.e., without needing to be part of the drand network) either through the public HTTP APIs or through libp2pโ€™s pubsub protocol, Gossipsub. Clients can also verify that the randomness they received is indeed the one produced by the drand network.

  3. DIA on-chain distribution: the final randomness signature is shipped on-chain as an oracle smart contract. In order to effectively and securely execute these on-chain transactions, DIA has built a robust, decentralised node infrastructure โ€” dubbed DIA xNode. DIA xNode is a network of third-party, decentralized node providers that grant DIA the blockchain infrastructure to push data on-chain ensuring high rate limits.

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