Additional notes

Access data endpoints and UIs

Kubernetes Dashboard

To start the Kubernetes Dashboard, use the following command:

minikube dashboard --url=true --port=8083

Once the dashboard service is ready, you can visit the web interface in your browser.

Data stores

Forward the ports of the data stores services to localhost:

  • PostgreSQL Database: kubectl port-forward deployment/postgres 5432:5432

  • Redis Cache: kubectl port-forward deployment/redis 6379:6379

  • InfluxDB Database: kubectl port-forward deployment/influx 8086:8086

Other routes available after forward:

  • REST Server: port 8081

  • GraphQL: port 1111, and Web UI

  • Kafka: port 8080, and AKHQ Web UI

  • Grafana: port 3000, and Web UI

Contribute to DIA main package

go mod edit -replace

Debug Influx writes

To debug InfluxDB writes, just change points in batch to see more frequent writes to influx (pkg/model/db.go):

influxMaxPointsInBatch = 10

Use a custom pre-populated image data

A .testenv.local file at root folder is required to pull private images from Docker:

Change image of pre-populated data from deployments/k8s-yaml/data-postgres-prepopulated.yaml file

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