Access the oracle

Here is an example of how to retrieve NFT price value from a standard DIA xFloor oracle. For the purpose of this example, we will be using the following demo oracle on Ethereum Goerli: 0x890a...31c5

  1. Access any DIA oracle smart contract.

  2. Call getValue(collection_id) with collection_id being the string Blockchain-Address , for instance Ethereum-0xBC4CA0EdA7647A8aB7C2061c2E118A18a936f13D for Bored Apes Yacht Club. You can use the "Read" section on Etherscan to execute this call.

  3. The current version of the DIA demo oracle contains the following values:

    1. The current floor price in the blockchain's native currency with a fix-comma notation of eight decimals (see API endpoint).

    2. The 30-day moving average of the floor price (see API endpoint).

    3. The UNIX timestamp of the last oracle update.

Learn more about the demo NFT oracle

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